Thanks to all Sponsors and Supporters

So many people and organizations within our community have come together to make the Test of Humanity mountain bike race something much bigger than just a race.  By supporting the Test of Humanity you have helped provide both local and international relief to those in need.  The organizers of the Test of Humanity would like to thank the following for their support and dedication to what we believe is a great cause.

As with any major event there is always one organization that goes above and beyond when it comes to support; but in the case of the Test of Humanity race, we actually have two!  First the owners and staff at the Bike Barn, without whose involvement this race would not be possible.  The second is Argo Road Maintenance whose Management and staff do everything they can to ensure that the Test of Humanity is a great success.

We would like to thank Ajmer Singh as without his permission to run this race on his property, we would not have a race.

We would also like to thank the Summerland municipality for recognizing the potential of this event and providing us with a great staging area and access to the trails.

As this race depends so much on companies and organizations willing to help with our cause, we would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous support.  For a detailed list of all our sponsors please check out the following Title,  XTR and XT Sponsor tables below.  By clicking on the sponsor’s logo, if they have a web site, it will take you there.  If you or your company would like to become one of our sponsors please contact us at

Thank you to both the Summerland Rotary Club and the Penticton Okanagan Rotary Club for their ongoing willingness to support our event, it is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much to still photographers Jeremy Hiebert, Stephanie Seaton, Van Pratt, Mike Boissonneault  and Ron Domanko for providing all the great Test of Humanity race photos.

And finally, a big thanks to all the trail builders that have put so much energy into helping make this a great event.

Trail builders (without whom we would be lost)

Aart & Kerry Van KooyMike & Heather CookeDino Giurissevich
Maegan SpicerSam KummrowGrant Thompson
Steven SpicerNadege VetterliRon Domanko
Paul LytleAustin FriesenMike Boissonneault
Andrew DrouinDave KitsonPatti Sandham
Evan GuthrieTim DaechselTanya Mckinney
Chris & Lisa ProwseRob WiensRyan Varchol
Nic & Sheilagh SeatonStephanie SeatonJeff Lawry
Marcus BaylissPaul DafoeLynn Sparling
Rebecca HardieCarl PetersonFrank Perrier
Caylum FoleyKeegan FoleyTieran Foley
Josh WebbChris FoleyAaron Barry
Brian ChristophersonChris StenbergAndre Blaise
Title Sponsor > $5000 in kind

XTR Sponsors > $1000 in kind
Eclipse Helicopters Ltd.
Okanagan Video Production
XT Sponsors < $1000 in kind