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Bike Barn Superheroes

When we approached Chris and Lisa Prowse of the Bike Barn with the idea of the Test of Humanity race, their answer was “what can we do to help”?  Since that time Lisa has spent most of her winter’s in her studio making all the much coveted Test of Humanity trophy mugs, and on race day she and Chris work tirelessly as bike mechanics in the Bike Barn tech support tent.  Chris is our resident sound tech and supplies all the sound equipment for the legendary Steve and Jean King duo, and of course he is also one of the founding members of the band “One Too Many” who graciously perform at the final Test of Humanity wrap-up dance.  Also at the dance there is a silent auction which Chris through his amazing contacts always seems to be able to provide an incredible amount of high end cycling booty.  By the way this year’s Test is on Sept 21st, which is also Lisa’s birthday and it’s a big one!  So don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday while she is hard at work on your bike.

Thank you Chris and Lisa for being such huge supporters and making this race so successful!

Chris & Lisa

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