Next race is on Sept 15th, 2019

How to register for the race

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To register for the Test of Humanity race you will be required to register in advance online. Please see the chart below for all prices and registration dates.  Please note that a small transaction fee will be charged to your card when you register.

Entry fees and registration dates for the
Solo 4 Hour Test event
Entry fees & registration dates for the
4 Hour Test Team event
Entry fees & registration dates
for the Test Ride event
Until Jul 31 - $40.00
Until Aug 31 - $55.00
Until Sept 12 - $70.00
Registration ends Sept 12
Until Jul 31 - $80.00
Until aug 31 - $110.00
Until Sept 12 - $140.00
Registration ends Sept 12
Until Jul 31 - $25.00
Until Aug 31 - $40.00
Until Sept 12 - $55.00
Registration ends Sept 12
Entry fees & registration dates for the
2 Hour Test Team and Solo events
Entry fees & registration dates
for the 1 & 1/2 Hour Test events
You might want to register early!
Teams of Two
Until July 31 - $60.00
Until Sept 12 - $90.00

Solo Riders
Until July 31 - $30.00
Until Sept 12 - $45.00
Registration ends Sept 12
Until July 31 - $15.00
Until Sept 12 - $20.00
Registration ends Sept 12
In order to prevent overcrowding
we have capped each event.
See category descriptions
for cap amounts.

Race packages can be picked up either the day before race day at the Bike Barn in Penticton or at the staging area on race day. Race packages must be picked up at least 30 minutes prior to your race.  Unfortunately all registration fees are non refundable and in most cases non transferable. However, if you can come up with a really imaginative reason for another person to race for you, then we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please remember to help support our local food bank by dropping off any non-perishable food items when you are picking up your race package. Following is a list of food items that the food bank is always in need of, however any non-perishable food items will be greatly appreciated.

School snacksRice
Canned fish or meatCanned vegetables
Peanut butterDry pasta
Healthy cerealPowdered milk
Pasta saucesCanned milk
Dried or canned soupOr any other non-perishable items

By clicking on the link below it will take you to our fully secure online registration page.  However, before you do that please read the following paragraphs and see how you can play an even bigger role in helping to support Canadian Humanitarian’s projects in Ethiopia.

Pledge and win – what you can do to race for free… read on for details

If you use our online pledging system and raise $150.00 or more for the Test of Humanity mountain bike race, you will earn the option to have the entry fee refunded. Better yet if you are one of the top ten money raisers not only could you race for free but you will also win one of our amazing grand prizes generously provided by our sponsors.

By setting up your own pledge page you not only will be eligible to win great prizes but at the same time you will also be helping provide orphaned children in Ethiopia with the opportunity to go to school. All pledges over $10.00 will receive a tax deductible receipt from Canadian Humanitarian.

It’s so easy to do, just register for the race and you will be given instructions on how to set up your pledge page at the end of the registration process. Thank you for registering in the Test of Humanity, we hope you enjoy your day immensely and know that you are truly making a difference by racing to build lives.

Have a great race!

Register Here (Registration is now closed)


If you would like to pledge support to a rider that is racing in the Test of Humanity you can search for this person’s pledge page by clicking on the link below.

Pledge a Rider


If you do not know a rider but would like to pledge to our cause please click on the link below.

Pledge to the Test of Humanity


Our online store is now closed, however if you would like to order a Test of Humanity jersey please email us at

Test of Humanity Online Store (2019 Store is now closed)