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Working their magic.

In the past it was unlikely that you would see Steve and Jean King working their magic emceeing a mountain bike race as their schedule of over fifty races a year left little room for taking on a new event. However, when we approached them four years ago regarding emceeing the first Test of Humanity race in Summerland there was absolutely no hesitation in them accepting.  Steve and Jean have spent much of their lives counselling, supporting and just being there for both children and adults in need. Test of Humanity is a fundraiser for Canadian Humanitarian, an organization who provides support to children in need in Ethiopia.  Steve and Jean believed in this project from the start and set the tempo on race day with their unprecedented emceeing skills.  On race day, those that had never had the pleasure of hearing Steve emcee at an event before, were astounded at the level of research that he did prior to the race and his ability to make every single participant, sponsor and volunteer feel special.  Steve ensured that they knew they were part of something much bigger than just a race and that they were truly racing to build lives in Ethiopia.  Steve and Jean’s ability to bring the best out in people is extraordinary and when you pass through the staging area this year don’t forget to give them a big wave when you hear your name called out.

Steve & Jean 1

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